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Morlai Kargbo

Moracle Foundation was set up by Moracle Limited in 2010 as its vehicle to invest some of its resources back into a charitable venture that enriches the communities in which it operates providing accountancy training.

There are many qualified and talented individuals graduating from a range of institutions and courses in Accountancy. However, after passing their exams, graduates need to build up a record documenting their practical work experience proving their competency. To achieve this they need additional training provided by accountancy firms with an appropriate portfolio of senior qualified staff and practice licenses.

We believe that everyone has the potential to achieve greatness and fulfill their dreams. That’s why we are committed to providing innovative solutions and exceptional services that empower individuals to overcome obstacles and turn their aspirations into reality.

Our goal is to train and advise accountancy graduates from disadvantaged backgrounds and help them find the right placement to further their careers. In 2021, we were accepted onto the government’s Kickstart Scheme in partnership with Capital City College which helped 30+ young people during COVID-19 start their career journey as Virtual Business Assistants with Moracle Foundation. We are very proud of this work as we were able to secure employments for these young accountants after their 6-month programme and some are now even working for us.
Founder, Moracle Foundation

Moracle Foundation was originally founded out of the needs of those from disadvantaged backgrounds to access the accountancy profession. It quickly became apparent that the barriers to the profession were wider and not limited to those from disadvantaged background and included ACCA affiliates, ACCA students, graduates, undergraduates and postgraduates having successfully completed their academic and vocational stages find that their employability or access to the profession is limited.

Central to this is the paucity of post-vocational training contracts, a regulatory requirement to qualify and practice independently in the accountancy profession.   Having completed their academic and vocation stages, the aspirant graduates are frustrated by the absence of opportunity to fulfil the qualification requirement for eligibility to acquire full accountancy membership: Training Contract and Practical Work Experience.  

Moracle Foundation bridges this gap.

On the one hand, Moracle Foundation helps trainees, undergraduates, graduates and postgraduates access and launch their careers in the accountancy and audit professions. In the other, Moracle Foundation helps employers tap into this fresh talent pool.
We help accountancy trainees, undergraduates, graduates and postgraduates from disadvantaged backgrounds gain full professional qualification, develop their employability skills and find their place in modern business reality. 

Our strategy includes:

  • Vocational training and work-based experience
  • Ongoing professional career development support
  • Engaging established strategic partnerships between employers and graduate trainees to nurture and develop a mutual working relationship
  • Targeted conferences, workshops, events to foster the employability of individuals aspiring for a career in the accountancy profession

There is no shortage of talent in the accountancy market. Colleges, universities and distance learning institutions provide quality academic training for aspiring accountancy professionals.  There are limited entry barriers to completing the vocational stages towards membership of ACCA. However, after passing their exams and completing the vocational stage, graduates and post-graduates need a training contract to build up a record documenting their practical work experience proving their competency. To achieve this, they need additional training provided by accountancy firms or other suitable organisations with an appropriate portfolio of senior qualified staff and practice licences.

Alarming reality 

Unfortunately, we have observed an upsetting tendency on the market: There are more trainee than there are trainee positions available. The overall number of trainee positions is falling year-on-year. Most accountancy trainees and graduates from disadvantaged backgrounds receive their training from small accountancy practices. Large, multinational accountancy firms offering trainee contracts with attractive salaries remain beyond their reach. We exist to help trainees and graduates from disadvantaged backgrounds bridge that gap. We aim to advise and aid them in finding the right placement to further their career – where their qualifications and abilities are most suited.

how we work

Moracle Foundation’s Model

We have developed this strategy over the years in cooperation with accountancy graduates and participating practices:

For graduates / trainees

For potential employers

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