Kickstart Scheme

The Government has launched the Kickstart Scheme which aims to encourage the take-up of new roles for 16-24-year-olds who are currently in receipt of Universal Credit to allow them to gain skills and support. The programme is aimed at providing opportunities for young people who are currently unemployed to prevent long-term unemployment.

Moracle Foundation has long been a vehicle for change within the Moracle Group. We provide hands-on opportunities for young people to launch their careers within the accountancy and audit professions and also enable employers to tap into this fresh talent pool. 

The UK Government Kickstart Scheme is designed to provide local companies with the means to create new jobs for vulnerable 16-24-year-olds on government benefits. These are young people who are at significant risk of long-term unemployment. The Kickstart scheme has supported hundreds of young people across the UK. Morlai Kargbo knows, from both personal and professional experience, that in the long term, a short-term job opportunity can only provide so much for an individual. So, through the Kickstart Scheme he is spreading the skills, knowledge, and principles of ATC Foundation.

These young people left feeling inspired. They’ve now got several new goals they want to work towards, mixed in with their regular work activities. They participated fully in the workshop activities and showed plenty of enthusiasm for bring new changes into their life & daily activities. They left with a new perspective on what they can achieve and the ways in which they can do it, because a change in attitude or perception opens up bigger possibilities.

We provide vocational training and work-based experience, ongoing professional career development support and build established strategic partnerships between employers and trainees. In 2021, Moracle Foundation, in partnership with Capital City College Group , took on more than thirty young people via the UK Government Kickstart Scheme, which has enabled us train a large number of young people and to provide them with hands-on experience of the accountancy sector. 

The Kickstart Scheme provided funding to employers to create job placements for 16 to 24-year-olds on Universal Credit.
Alongside the Capital City College Group, we have looked for ‘Virtual Business Assistants’ to support us and our clients, and they gained quality hands-on experience as well.

The ‘Virtual Business Assistants’ have worked alongside us and developed their knowledge of the accounting industry and gained practical experience at the beginning of their career. They have been involved with tasks such as creating and sending out invoices, managing accounts, and tracking inventory.

Please do contact us if you know of any individuals who may be interested in such an opportunity.