Martin Mansaray

Morlai is one of the most talented,inspirational and organised individual I have come across in business. I there have no doubt in recommending him to any one that would like to hire his service.

Andy Mantri

I worked with Morlai in 2010, when he very professionally guided us (the Helen Bamber Foundation) through the UK Charities Commission mandated annual audit and financial report. His calm, yet matter of fact manner of dealing with the information the charity had from the multitude of funders, and the complexities (VAT etc)of ongoing international level projects, enabled a comprehensive report to be composed, not only satisfying the basic requirements of the commission, but also acting as a useful tool to enable critical fundraising for future projects. I would highly recommend working with Morlai.

Tim Hughes

Morlai Kargbo from Moracle has been a great friend to the charity over a number of years. As a small charity with limited in house financial resources, his firm has acted as an extra member of staff, offering support with management accounts, annual budgeting, and year end with the annual audit and accounts. He uses the language “us” and not “you” in approaching the task in hand. Not only that, Morlai is dedicated to enabling financial staff to learn and to develop their skills, so that long term dependency on external accountancy is mitigated.

Rosemary Viggiani

I have known Morlai since 2004 when he first set up our accounting procedures using Quickbooks. We still use his approaches today, 13 years later. I have always found Morlai to be helpful, explaining things in very simple language that a non-accountant can easily understand. I have personally found him to be a man of integrity, committed to the social enterprise / charity sector.

Toyin Dania

Morlai Kargbo is a consummate professional who has always worked to improve and engage his clients in the matters of accountancy and business development. I would recommend him and his services wholeheartedly.

Alimu Tunkara

Morlai Kargbo is an outstanding individual and professional. He took our business from a struggling ONE to a successful one, just within a few years. His attention to details is finely tuned to needs of the businesses and organisations he and his firm work with. I was fortunate to recommend some of my friends and business colleagues to Morlai. They were grateful for the recommendations and speak highly of Morlai’s integrity and professionalism. Morlai is someone you can work with. He has a team that listen to your needs. They tailor solutions to each organisation’s needs. Morlai is some I can definitely recommend and can work with in the future

Jacy Stewart

Having worked with Morlai and both his companies “Moracle” and “Moracle Foundation”, Morlai and his companies are not only internationally recognised but are also innovative, forward-thinking, move rapidly to change and stay consistently up to date with the latest trends and more importantly legislation. This ensures clients receive the most relevant accountancy and business development strategies for growth and sustainability at all times. Morlai continually positions both himself and his companies for optimum success and it is a pleasure to partner with him and work for him sharing a vision of business excellence.


The simplicity and warmth of Mr Kargbo is what would strike your first when you first meet him. It struck me on the first occasion I met him. This and his professionalism in a profession that is often and unfriendly is a rare combination that I will recommend. This does not change in very challenging situations. that is a remarkable combination. I commend him for this.

Sue Phillips

I met Morlai in 2007 when I first decided to retrain in accountancy. Since then I’ve worked with him in several different charities via both formal and informal mentoring arrangements. Morlai also acted as my supervisor for much of my ACCA PER. He was instrumental in enabling me to gain the practical skills and experience I needed, and prompted me to think strategically in any given financial scenario. I’m certain I wouldn’t be where I am today without his support and encouragement along the way.

Joanna Nowak

Morlai is a very experienced professional who brings great knowledge and enthusiasm to all he does. He is an advocate for supporting those in needs and his dedication to help others is admirable. As a great leader, he connects people together to help them achieve their best potential through knowledge sharing experiences.

Ayo Adesina

If you need some one who always do what they say they will Morlai and his team are the people you need to see.

Tracey Fletcher

Morlai is an exceptional professional, providing clarity, attention to detail and a real passion for providing the best support to his clients and to students in training who need access to experience in accountancy. I had the great pleasure to work with Morlai and his team whilst CEO at the Attlee Foundation. His work ethic and that of his team are to be commended and his support in enabling the Foundation to think more strategically in its financial planning was immensely helpful. I have recommended Morlai to other clients and will continue to offer his excellent service to future potential clients too.

Sorviel Kyana

Morlai Kargbo is undoubtably an expert and pioneer in his field. I have a great admiration for his professionalism but even more so it is his innovations in a field where I see little or no change in the status quo. Then Morlai comes along and takes the helm in raising his organisations public face, engaging and forming collaborations with stakeholders and providing a platform for the young up and coming candidates to follow. I have witnessed his succession of awards and endorse him as a leader amongst leaders.

Sam Ochieng

Morlai is a great accountant, he has supported our company for many years and I can attest that Morlai is a brilliant accountant, our financial report is easy to understand because of Morlai. Keep on doing the good work.

Mandy Evill

It has been my utmost pleasure to have worked with Morlai. He is an avid student, very coachable and has participated fully throughout our time together. He has a wonderful approach to life and business and is an awesome contribution to others, notably for me, to my other students and client base. He has a phenomenal ‘can do’ approach and never ceases to think beyond the obvious and to collate ideas beyond what other might say are reasonable. It has been my total pleasure and privilege to have worked alongside Morlai, I am in no doubt that we will continue working together in business and in other projects toegther.

Pamela Anomneze

Thanks Morlai of Moracle Accountants for the continued pro- bono support given to Studio 306 Collective; a small community interest company based in Wood Green Haringey.

Moracle accountants are excellent in training and engaging VCS organisations located in Haringey enabling effective accounting practices and processes.

Morlai works in an empowering professional way to help bring about effective change management, sustainability and people development whilst respecting individualistic characteristics.

Odiri Ighamre

2016 was a very difficult year for KORI Youth Charity, the work with young people was growing but fundraising was proving time consuming and very difficult. The Bridge Renewal Trust in Haringey directed us to Moracle, that was founded and is led by Morlai Kargbo. It was exactly the financial steering and bespoke support that we had needed at that time of crisis. Moracle took on the work with us, helping us to begin to transform the financial difficulties of our charity.

In Moracle we have also found a great partner, one that that has brought immense benefit to some of our young people. One young man we referred from KORI that desired to become an accountant has received over a year of training and paid work experience in the field and has now started studying for his professional exams. We have also recently referred another young man who has started weekly work experience with Moracle and will hopefully join the organisation as an apprentice when he finishes at college. Moracle has also started training two young aspiring accountants from our partner organisation in The Gambia, ‘Daughters of Africa Foundation.’
Moral Kargbo’s leadership vision is inspiring, it has been most wonderful to work closely with him.

Maureen Bailey

Morlai has been extremely patient with me as a client when it comes to accounting. He cares and listens which goes beyond the work but speaks to the heart of valuing the pace of the client.

There is no hesitation from me to recommend Morlai as an expert in his field. Thank you for going over and beyond.

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