Mission, Vision and Values

A not-for-profit and social enterprise business based in London started to support disadvantaged accounting graduates and students.

The Foundation trains and advises accountancy graduates and under-graduates from disadvantaged backgrounds and helps them find the right placement to further their careers. Over 70 people, both young and old, have come through our doors since 2010.


To significantly transform the lives of our clients, service users, staff and volunteers in the UK and abroad.


To transform the lives of our clients, service users, staff and volunteers – “Turning Possibilities into Realities”


Integrity, professionalisms, transparency, excellence, growth, diversity, kindness, humility and community

We do this through educating and empowering our audience, providing services that teach, coach and allow people to expand their thinking and their beliefs about how to identify what they want and support them as they take action to reach their goals, thus enabling every individual to create vastly improved and enriched future to live into.

Our goals

To take 100 young people through Thinking Ahead Into Financial Results every year


To create a financially sustainable organisation within a two to five-year period


To provide initiatives that support community engagement, furthers personal development, enhances relevant skills and awareness to improve the lives of the community


To create working partnerships with local businesses and organisations that share our values and vision


Moracle Foundation operates on a set of rules, principles, and guidelines that dictate how financial information should be managed, and presented. These standards ensure consistency, transparency, and comparability in financial reporting, enabling stakeholders to make informed decisions about their financial health and performance.

The key aspects of accounting standards incude

Willingness to re-create

All members of the Foundation are consistently willing to expand and re-create themselves to always improve our services and products. We welcome feedback at all occasions to continue this circle of evolving excellence.

Attitude and Behaviour

The attitude and behaviour from members of the Foundation will always be experienced as consistent with our values, visions and goals. We approach all situations with a clear mind and positive attitude and our actions demonstrate our belief in the inherent greatness and goodness in everyone

Working with one purpose

All staff and volunteers work in unity with the Foundation's overarching and milestone goals. In all aspects of work and duties we work with the Foundation's objectives, vision and purpose. In all interactions with clients and services users we diligently provide and give our best service and ourselves, integrating the values that are held in high regard by the organisation and all staff.

Better ways of thinking

Expanded thinking is the core essence of the activities of the centre. Staff are always willing to make changes in their habits and beliefs in order to close the gap between where we are now and where we vision ourselves to be.

Allowing challenges

All staff and volunteers welcome opportunities to stretch and challenge themselves in their growth, to be more ready today than they were yesterday in delivering quality services to our clients and service users. We welcome all feedback and comments and believe this create freedom beyond fear and procrastination to move us forward in the direction of our goal with a deeper sense of purpose.

Moracle Foundation is committed to our Mission, Vision and Values